Africa Is In Me


Fill the sea with precious stones;

Give them all to me to own;

Rip Europe up into two folds;

Present me a fold and a throne of gold;

Promise me fame, with all lips on my name;

I will not trade my skin, not for a day.

I stand proud and tall; Africa’s stalwart,

On the shores of the oceans;

On the lands on the south

Like an eagle, soaring;

High above the wrinkles of the sea.


I’ve fought in a thousand battles;

Vicarious, with the strength

Of  a Masai warrior.

My blackened skin glows with the heat;

A heavy spear in my proud fist.


I’ve run the streets;

An African child,

Amidst rows of sun hardened mud huts;

A thin strip about my loins.

What gives more delight

Than playing in the sand?

Building sand domes without a scaffold.


I’ve strolled the tropical bush;

Welcoming romantic danger,

In the eyes of a leopard.

I’ve greased the bumpy trunks

Of the mighty Iroko tree,

With the fat of the hide

Of the leopard I skinned.


I’ve watched with glee;

I shield my eyes from the sun’s glare;

As the end of the Nile

Kisses the gold tapered sky.


I’ve toiled the soil,

With the edge of my plow.

I’ve watched maize shoots,

Springing from my mound,

Filling my soul with hope.

And I’ve eaten hope,

From the seeds that I sowed.


Africa is in me;

I’m a true born to the skin.

Africa is in me;

The precious air I breathe.


Africa is in me;

She is my glee and my meat.

would curse that day I was born,

Were it on some other shore.

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9 thoughts on “Africa Is In Me

  1. ronke

    WOW! WOW!! WOW!!!……
    Ain’t i short of words? I love this!!! the last paragraph especially.

    I am proudly an African and I will never regret being one.
    Thanks for putting in ink thoughts i might never be able to express so explicitly in writing or words.

    I am proudly an African and more Proudly a NIGERIAN!

    thumb up Tolu!!!

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