If I Fall In Love


If I fall in love

The sun would still rise at dawn

And take a break at dusk.


If I fall in love

The sea will still be blue

and leaves won’t cease being  green.

If I fall in love,

Aso rock might move to Ajegunle,

And Babangida might  become president.


If I fall in love,

Abacha might even come back to life

To genuinely apologise.




I really will not care;

Everything, everyone

Ceased to exist, became extinct

That day I found you.

Nothing mattered anymore

When  a new  world was made

With just you and me.

©  2010 Tolulope Akinyemi

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12 thoughts on “If I Fall In Love

  1. Kayode

    I like coming to this page after work… by them im fagged out, and sometimes depressed… but i always leave with a sense of upliftment in my soul…..

  2. Dozzykings

    Plse, dont fall in luv becos i dont want Babangida to become president or Abacha back to life….loll That was real cool Tolu. But u dont have to fall in love rather stand in it….cheers!!

    • lol… don’t worry, Abacha is not coming back, neither will babangida, I was only illustrating that even when, ordinary everyday, events like the rising of the sun happens, or should farfetched events like Abacha coming back to life occur, I’m not bothered because they all just don’t matter anymore :)
      Thanks brother for reading.

  3. Tunde Shaba

    Sweet piece, like music … Good old music. But if and when you do ‘fall’ in love, don’t stay down. Be quick to rise and ‘stand’ in love … Falling wins your love, standing keeps her. Cheers.

  4. tamara

    Amazingly Beautiful Tolu, Wonderful! And i really wonder what would happen if my humble self, Tamara decided to fall in love… Hmmm, EARTH WILL SHAKE O! Lol

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