Anytime I get inspired to write a poem, like I  just listened to an inspiring song, there is a way it pours over me and puts me in a kind of trance, and then it activates an energy within me always making me feel like some eminence is struggling to burst free in the form of ink on wood pulp (or pixels on a screen); Poetry makes me… How does it feel when you are experiencing some awesome transformations within, and yet you never seem to find the words good enough, to convey those awesome and ethereal internal ‘little beings into the material realm?’; That is what poetry does to me.

Gushing streams,

I dream of streams

Washing over me


Rumbling floods

Vimmed within me

Yearning to be free


So I pick up my pen

And nibble at this sheets

My soul, pouring out through my nib

© 2010 Tolulope Akinyemi

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4 thoughts on “Entranced

  1. ronke

    now, i know the secret to all these wonderful poems, i know what inspires you now.*wink wink*

    i know how it feels when its bubbling from within and all is struggling to escape all at once…..::)

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