Sometimes (Heaven Seems Faraway)


Sometimes all I want to do

Is run inside and hide

behind the veils of music

Or beneath the bedsheets

In the deathlike solace of sleep


Sometimes all I want to do

Is open my mouth and scream

loudly at  my uncertainties

Please simply  let me be

Let me be what He wills


I know all I need to do

Is close my eyes while on my knees

My  dried out mouth is wide agape

But unsoulful words saunter out

And Heaven seems faraway

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes (Heaven Seems Faraway)

  1. Ized and Pearl, thanks for dropping by :) and your comments made me smile,..However, you know what makes all the difference? it’s the fact that that poem was written with the knowing that, it surely tells an incomplete story.

    Have you ever heard the story of the young man who was troubled all night and struggled with anxiety, greatly worried that the sun might not rise in the morning…?; This poem and that man have a lot in common :)
    Once again, thanks for reading and for sharing this.

  2. Words, Music and God equate the perfect friday evening at home.

    An African man that understands the power of words. Such gifts are not given to many. Enjoy your gift and I pray you pass it on to generations ahead of you.

    The line that captivated me

    “My dried out mouth is wide agape

    But unsoulful words saunter out”

    God Bless you

  3. Wherever it is U wrote this from was really deep within.. U talk, most likely go on acting like U dnt have these period wen it seems like evrytin is uncertain & God dsnt hear you- u’ve helped thru many a confused moment, so its nice to knw that u r human.. I love this poem/note, becos I can relate wit the feelings, I love it becos its not complicated with ur usual norm of big grammar, tongue twisters and confusing play on words. Its simple, yet profound, has an impact whre its supposed to, my immediate reaction was to want to give u a hug…
    Its lovely Poetolu.. Really so, I think u shuld sell it to Taylor Swift. ;)) really nice. Thank U. (Here’s d virtual hug btw)

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