Christmas Project


Here is more information about the Christmas Project, Thank you to everyone who has already agreed to participate, and to those just seeing this, consider it as a polite invitation: D

It’s a video project for a Christmas carol, and I want to use my friends to provide the lyrics to the carol in a fun way, which is why each person would be submitting two pictures of themselves, one with their own piece from the whole lyrics, and another picture of their choice which I would use for the video credits.

You do not have to be in costumes in the pictures you will provide, most people have complained about not having the right costumes, this shouldn’t be a problem, if you have a Christmas costume, that’s fine if not just have something that represents Christmas, and if you can’t,  as long as you can manage to put up a lively Christmassy smile in the picture, that would be alright  :D lol.

Please take note of the following.

1. I would be providing you with a piece of the whole lyrics of a classic Christmas carol, which I won’t reveal  just yet ;). Your piece would be a few words, most likely 3 or 4 words

2. You will have to write down your piece boldly somewhere,  most likely with a marker on a piece of paper or cardboard, but you can as well, show some  creativity in how you choose to display your piece. It doesn’t have to be on paper with maker. For example,  you could write it on a blackboard, with chalk, type it on your computer screen, write it on the sand,  share your word with some friends, and so on….. but make sure you are in the picture and whatever you have written is bold, and readable.

3. You will be submitting two pictures, the first with your piece of the carol, the other is any picture of your choice which will be used for the video credits, you can choose to express yourself as you want in any of the pictures :D

4. The pictures however should be in landscape mode, and it doesn’t have to be taken with an Hollywood camera: D  a camera phone picture is okay, as long as the quality is decent.

5. You don’t have to be the only one in your picture, the more the merrier, (as long as nobody blocks your words  of the carol :D)

6. I will send your piece to you shortly if you have already agreed to be a part, and please simply let me know, if you are just showing interest so I can send your piece of the carol. I would love to have the submissions in as soon as possible so I can start working on the video.

7. Note: I’m expecting about 30 people to participate in this, and it is likely that I’ll put the video on Youtube.

Thanks for being a part of this, and wishing you a Merry Christmas. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season: D

p.s pardon my typing errors, typed this on the fly, and didn’t have the time to edit, so I’m sure there must be a lot in it

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